Kelly Hall

Hi, I'm Kelly!

I am here to help guide you through the home buying or refinance process. I have over 10 years of experience to help determine the best program for your needs. Our team strives on building a lasting relationship with both clients and realtors. Whether it’s your first or 10th home, buying or refinancing, you can count on our team to be with you every step of the way.

I take great pride in doing what’s best for all my clients. I love seeing the smile on your face when you get the keys to your new home, this is my calling in life and I love every second of it.


The people behind the loan...


Loan Partner

(803) 514-5649 •

McKenzie works with potential clients to get information for the pre-qualification process. She carefully analyzes clients' credit, income, and asset information and will help determine the loan type and program eligibility that best suits their needs. McKenzie will also quote current rates and once the contract is signed on for their new home, she will price the current rate and lock the loan.


Marketing Operations Director

(803) 832-0519 •

Brock handles all of our team's Marketing and Advertising. She'll be responsible for making sure that communications during the loan process are sent out in a timely fashion and will help us keep in touch after closing. She will also work with realtors to create open house flyers, help with presentations for home buyers, and more!