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I’m committed not only to expanding my client and realtor base, but also to building and maintaining everlasting relationships with people I’ve worked with in the past. Below are a few testimonials from those I’ve helped. Who's next?

Amazing - Like clockwork

From Raleigh, NC

Kelly and her team was awesome to work with. Honestly, I've not experienced a more efficient mortgage lending process. Kelly and her team really have the process down like clockwork. Their application intake website is great, which made initial process go much smoother. However, they were always there to provide direct support when needed. To provide further context on how efficient it was, I'm an out of state investor who needed to obtain mortgages on 4 properties AT THE SAME TIME (2 refis, 2 cash outs). From the time of application intake to closing, process took less than 25 days!!! Beyond being efficient, Kelly and team are great folks to work with. Always helpful, friendly, cheerful disposition. I would not hesitate to work with Kelly and her team again.

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